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Hitting the road with Shane Conroy


I’m Shane Conroy 22 years young from Berkley Vale, NSW and I’m going on a roadtrip around the country.

Shane Conroy - Youngroys Adventures
Shane Conroy – Youngroys Adventures

I’m chasing my childhood dream of escaping the everyday rat race and off to explore the country in a campervan.

My sweet ride!
My sweet ride!

Working along the way, just enough to get me by, on the long road ahead. Meeting new people crusing to the tunes, catching my own dinner where i can.

Discovering a new world.
Discovering a new world.

If I dont like a place i’ll keep cruisng or if i like it i’ll stay and set up camp. Why work your whole life till your 50 or 60? live while your young and get amongst it! Life’s to short and can be taken in an instance. Thats my story I’ll keep everyone posted on my great adventure.

Chilling at the beach.
Chilling at the beach.
About me
Profession – Locksmith
Favourite music – a bit of everything ,mainly aussie hip hop
Birthplace – Dubbo
Favourite movie – Forrest Gump ,The Hangover 123,
Languages – English
Favourite quote – love the life you live and live the life you love
Interests and hobbies – fishing,roadtrips,skating,making music,binge drinking
One thing I want to do before I die – make a diffrence and achieve my goals
Favourite book – where’s wally
My friends describe me as – hopefully a good bloke
The most amazing moment in my life so far – being born into this great country called Australia
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