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Filming for the YHA Hostels – Cairns

Hi everyone !

This is the last article about the YHA adventure ! We are now in Cairns which is the last stop of the road trip we started in Surfers Paradise with the six travellers.

So we arrived in Cairns three days ago. The day after was for most of us the most awesome day of that trip : we went sailing, snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef! We took a big catamaran from  Cairns harbor and started sailing for one hour before casting anchor in one of the most beautiful places of the world : there we went snorkeling and 4 of us went diving.

Let’s go to Great Barrier Reef!
Roi, Yuki, Jonathan and Tobbe ready to go scuba-diving
Diving time

We discovered the amazing undersea world of the Great Barrier Reef : fishes, jellyfishes, corals, and we even saw a shark ! The guys who went scuba-diving saw a big turtle in the shallows… it was an unforgettable experience for all of us! By moments, it was so beautiful that I was near to tears!

The turtle we saw
Shark 2
The shark we saw

After that, we were offered a delicious and fresh lunch on the boat and recovered our strength before sailing until Michaelmas Cay which is a small sandy island providing shelter for thousands of seabirds! There we went snorkeling again in the paradisiacal turquoise water before coming back to cairns.

Fresh lunch in the boat
In Michaelmas Cay
Paradisiac Michaelmas Cay

This day was awesome! Exhausted by this emotionally charged day, we all went to bed early.

The day after was intense too! Yuki, Tobbe and Roi did a big jungle swing which is a swing through the tree tops of the tropical rainforest! And Jonathan made a bungy jump from a 50 meter tower!

Jungle swing
Bungy jump

After that, we went to the Kuranda Markets, which is a beautiful village in the rainforest. This market was so nice! The color and the peaceful atmosphere permitted us to relax after that strong-adrenaline morning! There we had amazing burgers for lunch and discussed a lot with the locals: a nice moment for everyone!

Kuranda Market
Kuranda Market

Then we went bushwalking until the amazing Emerald Creek Falls! There we swam under the falls and found natural water slides! Funny moment!

Emerald Creek Falls
Natural slides

Then we got back to Cairns and stopped in a cute harbor to admire the sunset on the sea.

After we went for some beers in a bar near the hostel where a nice music band was playing. The last day of our adventure we said goodbye to Camille who took a flight and came back to Sydney. It was a moving moment for all us as it’s not easy to say goodbye to people you had an amazing time with during more than 2 weeks. Then we went in the Cairns Market where we bought delicious local products before cooking them in the hostel : I think it was the best lunch we had during our trip! On the menu : fresh vegetable salad, fish soup (cooked by Yuki) and fish snapper cooked in the barbecue (by Sam) served with rice (cooked by Roi) and an amazing mix of vegetables (cooked by Alex and Yuki). What a feast !

Delicious home-made lunch
Delicious home-made lunch

After that we spent our last afternoon in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi of the hostel with some beers to celebrate the end of our trip, a big party with crazy disguises!

Party at the hostel

The day after we all said good-bye to each other. That two weeks adventure was awesome! I saw amazing places, I discovered a lot about the Aussie culture and I made fantastic activities!

After one month in Australia, I think it will be hard for me to come back to France! But the adventure is not over, so I will continue writing to you about my travel experiences.

See you later guys !




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Filming for the YHA Hostels – Magnetic Island

Hi guys !

After Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Noosa Heads and Airlie Beach, we have been in the YHA Hostel of Magnetic Island.

Between Airlie Beach and Magnetic Island, we stopped on the road and bought delicious fresh fish in a local shop – yummy!

Stop on the road to buy fresh fish

So we took the ferry from Townsville to join the beautiful and very natural Magnetic Island!

When we arrived on the Island we first went to Geoffrey Bay before settling in the hostel. There a surprise was waiting for us… there were wallabies everywhere!! So we took some food from the cars and we fed them! It was a magical moment!

Yuki feeding a wallaby
Aussie Wallaby

After that we went to the hostel in the north of the island (in Horseshoe Bay) were we discovered an amazing place : There the rooms are sorts of individual huts surrounded by the rainforest and the wildlife! So we could see wallabies, possums, curlews and other types of insects and animals everywhere, it was awesome! I think this island is the best place I’ve stayed in Australia so far!

YHA Hostel of Magnetic Island

The day after, we woke up early to see the sunrise over Alma Bay. We walked up a little bit on the rocks and arrived in an amazing spot where we could admire all the colors of the sunrise on the sea! Australian sunsets and sunrises are the most beautiful ones I have seen!

Sunrise in Alma Bay
Sunrise in Alma Bay

After that, we went for a bushwalk along the forts walk in the National park , we even saw a cute koala! We walked up to a bunker from World War II and could enjoy a splendid 360° view – this feeling was awesome, I think I could have stayed there for hours!

Strange animals of the National Park
Amazing 360° view

After that, we came back to the hostel where we cooked delicious burritos! After lunch, we went to the wildlife sanctuary situated in the hostel area where we could hold koalas, turtles, cockatoos, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and see awful spiders! It was a fantastic moment for all of us (or maybe not for Alex…!)

Camille, Alex and Yuki in the Wildlife Sanctuary
Jonathan holding a koala
Alex’s new friends

After that unforgettable experience, we went admire the sunset on the West Point (west of the island) and played cricket – this place was particularly amazing! In the background across the sea you could admire the shadows of the mountains! Crazy landscape!

Cricket on the West Point Beach
Sunset on the West Point Beach

As we were to leave the West Point, Roi played a practical joke on all of us by let us believe that he had suddenly been bitten by a mysterious animal! We all started panicking face to the Sam’s camera, put vinegar on his fake bite and discovered then that it wasn’t serious! How funny is the video! I wish I could show it to you!

It was such a good day!

The day after, we had breakfast in a nice café in near the beach of Horseshoe Bay. After that, each of us could enjoy the day as we wanted – Tobbe, Roi and Jonathan went “exploring” the island while Camille, Alex and Yuki went to the beach and enjoyed the swimming pool of the hostel!

Café near the Horseshoe Beach
Café near the Horseshoe Beach

At the end of that day, we stayed on the balcony with the camera in the dark to observe and film the wildlife: we saw wallabies, birds and could film a mother possum bearing/carrying her baby on her back! Fantastic!

Then we enjoyed the Happy Hour in the hostel bar and Yuki, Alex and Camille played a trivial game organized by the hostel and won!

Happy Hour in the YHA hostel

The day after, we had a bush tucker breakfast in the Wildlife sanctuary of the hostel with the crocodile on the table and a snake on the umbrella – crazy moment (but I think Camille didn’t feel so comfortable with a snake over her head whilst drinking her coffee..!)

Bush tucker breakfast in the Wildlife sanctuary
Bush tucker breakfast in the Wildlife sanctuary

After that we left the hostel and took the ferry back.

To see more of what happened in Magnetic Island, 


Check out our other videos on the We Travel Co Youtube Page

We are now on the road to Cairns which is the final destination the YHA Road Trip.

See you in my next post!


PS : If you want to see more photos of these three days in Magnetic Island, go on the We Travel Co Facebook page !

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Filming for the YHA Hostels – Brisbane

In my last post we had just left Surfers Paradise, and we are now just about to leave Brisbane after three amazing days!

So we arrived in Brisbane three days ago and discovered the YHA hostel : a very nice place with a big kitchen where travellers can cook their own food, a swimming pool in the roof with an amazing view on Brisbane city, and a nice coffee bar.

So after a quick rest we went exploring the city. A very modern city, where a lot of festivals were taking place and where you can find some alternative vintage pubs. During our walk around the city we met some funny Brisbane locals, took photos with them and talked about their beautiful city. Good moment!

Sam and I hanging out with the locals

After that, Camille and I made a delicious carbonara pasta in the hostel (sorry, I was too busy to take photos!) and we all went to bed excited; thinking about our trip the next day to Moreton Island.
We spent the day after in Moreton Island where we all had an amazing time! First of all we went sea kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding (I tried it for the first time and couldn’t imagine that it would be so hard to stay on the paddle board…)

Tobbe kayaking

After that, we went snorkeling near a boat wreck where we were surrounded by a multitude of beautiful fishes! It was such an amazing experience! We also saw a shark (that we would probably have not seen if the guide wouldn’t have shown us as it merged perfectly in its environment!)

Ready to go snorkeling!
Snorkeling near the boat wreck
The shark we saw

Then we had a good lunch on the beach before getting to the next activity which was… Sandboarding !

Lunch near the beach
Strange animals…

So we took a bus to join the dunes of the Moreton Island. In 10 minutes we radically moved from a beaches landscape to a desert landcape! Australia is such a diversified and surprising country!

There the guide explained how to stand in the sandboard and then we all climbed the dunes until the top before going down them. Good sensations! And as you can see it on the picture, Tobbee ate a lot of sand… funny moment!

Ready to go sandboarding !
Climbing the dunes
Tobbe enjoying sandboarding

 Then we came back to Brisbane, exhausted by this day rich in sensations!

In the hostel, a BBQ was organized on the roof permitting a great way to meet other travellers!

The day after, we left the hostel bound for West End Market (in Devious Park). On our way we met two girls playing guitar in a public park – we joined them, chatted and sang along with them! After that we arrived at the market where we tasted good local food and listened to local musicians.

Meeting two local musicians
West End Market

Then we had a swim at south bank man made beach before getting back to the hostel and filming on the roof: a good reason to have a swim in the pool!

In the afternoon some of us rented a bike in the hostel and had a ride to Kangaroo Point and the Botanical gardens.

Kangaroo Point
Kangaroo Point
Botanic gardens
Riding through the Botanical Garden

After, we all met in the bar of the hostel before hanging out in a pub where a funny guy with a monkey head set fire to the dancefloor!

Carlton dance!
Party animal !!

As we were coming back to the hostel, we saw a pub in the other side of the street and decided to have a look there: we found a hard rock concert was happening and fans were running so wild that I couldn’t resist the temptation to film them! Hilarious moment! We met a local who told us that the music bands were well known (I feel sorry that I can’t remember the band’s name!).

Punk party 02
Punk party
Punk party 01
Punk party

To see more of what happened in Brisbane, check out this cool little video :

Check out our other videos on the We Travel Co Youtube Page

The day after we left Brisbane before lunch to go to Noosa Head… See you in my next post!


PS : If you want to see more photos of these three days in Brisbane, go on the We Travel Co Facebook page !