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Three days On Fraser Island

We Travel Co team recently spent three days on the awesome Fraser Island.

We went there with Drop Bear Adventures , A small independent tour company based in Noosa Heads. After four months in Australia, I had the opportunity to travel a lot between Sydney and Cairns, and I can comfortably say that this 3 day tour was the best I’ve done so far!

The adventure started in Noosa where we met our awesome guide Mark (who has been travelling to the island since he was a young boy) and 10 travellers joining us on the adventure. We all jumped in the 4WD and drove to Inskip point via rainbow Beach to catch the barge to Fraser Island. As soon as we landed on the island, we saw dolphins, whales, dingos (and a dead turtle on the beach..!)

We drove on the beach and set up camp in the middle of nowhere, behind a dune sheltered from the ocean’s wind. It was an amazing place surrounded by nature! Then we had a nice lunch before getting visting Lake Wabby.


To get there, we walked through the forest, through magical sand dunes and had a swim in the lake! What a magical place!



After a nice afternoon chilling out on by the lake, we got back to the camp where we admired the whales , dingos and the sunset over the ocean and had a delicious barbecue dinner cooked by our guide Mark! We gazed a while at a star filled sky and went to bed, exhausted after a full day of adventures!


The day after, we woke up early to see the sunrise over the ocean… I have no words to describe it, just have a look to the photo below..!


After a good breakfast, we drove to meet some locals who shared some history of the island with the group by showing us old black and white photos. It was a nice exchange which seemed to be appreciated by both the tour group and the locals!


After that we drove to Eli Creek where we had a swim. A very natural spot with freshwater that you can drink in the forest!


Then we got back in the 4WD and stopped at The Pinnacles, an amazing part of the beach! There, Mark told us a local Aboriginal’s story about that special place, I definitely love how Aboriginals made up stories about this Island!


After that quick stop, we drove until Indian Head. A crazy lookout from the top on Fraser Island in the north. From this lookout we could admire the Island coast, its turquoise water and saw whales, dolphins, stingrays, turtles, etc. swimming in the ocean! I could have stayed all the day there, it was so magical!!


We had a nice fresh lunch on the beach and then went to the Champagne pools, which is a natural rockpool where we had a swim with lots of small colored fishes living there and shared some champagne with the group!


After that peaceful moment in this natural spa, we headed back to the camp area, stopping on the way at the Maheno shipwreck (a Japanese ship which ran aground on Fraser island in 1935).


Back in the camp, we went fishing on the beach and Sam caught a huge Mulloway or Jewfish , we ate it the day after for lunch. So good! Mark cooked Pippies or Wongs ( a shellfish found in the sand) on the BBQ, a tasty first experience for each of us!



The day after we drove inland through a beautiful rainforest (the only sand island in the world where rainforest grows!)  arriving at the famous Lake McKenzie where we had a swim and chilled out on the beach.



Then we went walking in the rainforest after a delicious lunch (good fresh fish wraps!). After that, it was time to head back to Noosa so we took the ferry back and drove along the unforgettable Rainbow Beach where we stopped on our way in order to admire its natural colored sands!



What an awesome tour on Fraser Island! During these days Mark took us to amazing places telling us Aboriginal stories about them, we learnt a lot about Fraser Island’s past, had a lot of fun with all the group, and ate very good food!


PS : If you want to see more photos of these three days on Fraser Island, go on the We Travel Co Facebook page ! Check out this short video below and see what you can expect on a Dropbear Adventure  3 day camping trip to Fraser Island!

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Filming for the YHA Hostels – Airlie Beach

We are now in Airlie Beach!

After Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, and Noosa, we have been in the YHA Hostel of Airlie Beach which is a city close to the Great Barrier Reef for three busy days!

The trip from Noosa to Airlie Beach was the longest we all did in Australia: 12 hours in the Super Van! But it was a funny trip with car-dancing, stops in unexpected places and a beautiful sunshine!

Chasing the sun
Car dancing with Camille and Roi

On the road, we stopped at the Cedar Creek Falls were Sam and Jonathan jumped from the top under the encouragements of the rest of the group!

Cedar Creek Falls

After this big driving day we woke up early to go to the Whitsundays Islands for the day: an AMAZING experience in one of the most beautiful region of islands in the world!

To explore the islands we took a giant old sailing boat called the Derwent Hunter! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, as you can see in the photos!

The Derwent Hunter
Having a good time in the Derwent Hunter

On the boat the We Travel Co travellers have all been very active and help hoisting the sails so thanks to them we arrived safe and sound in a little cove where the Derwent Hunter cast anchor.

Jonathan hoisting the sails
Roi hoisting the sails

Then we all wore wetsuits, tubes and flippers and went snorkeling: it was fully sick! The Great Barrier Reef provides shelter for so many different species of fishes and corals! I think I could have stayed there for hours: what an amazing feeling!

Amazing fishes in the Great Barrier Reef

Then we had a delicious fresh lunch on the boat (and in the sun!) prepared by the Derwent Hunter staff before sailing back to Airlie Beach! What an awesome day!

Fresh lunch on the Derwent Hunter

In the hostel we made our traditional We Travel Co meal: Carbonara Pasta!


The day after, we drove around Airlie Beach and discovered beautiful spots where we filmed and took some photos. After a long debate, we decided to buy some sausages and went to Shute Harbour lookout where we had been before to make a barbecue. It was epic!

We started cooking the sausages but it starting raining cats and dogs so we stopped the barbecue and moved to another very special place where we finished cooking on the super van gas cooker. There we met Johnny a sort of “salty sea dog” as Sam called him: a guy living alone in his ran aground ship!

Starting the barbecue there…
… and finishing it there!

After that epic lunch, we went bushwalking in the Conway National Park and arrived at the Beautiful Coral Beach! On this bushwalk, I met some green ants for the first time: it was horrible! Around 10 of them came on my arm giving me the impression of being electrocute! I still get goose bumps!!

Coral Beach
Coral Beach

The day after we went to the Airlie Beach market along the beach in the shade of the palm trees and had breakfast there.

Airlie Beach Market
Airlie Beach Market

After that we came filming around Airlie Beach town and came back to the hostel where a delicious cheese & wine buffet organized by the YHA: a nice occasion to meet other travellers. After that we experienced the Airlie Beach nightlife by hanging out in two different bars where Jonathan and Roi revealed their secret talents of pole dancers!

Cheese and wine buffet in the hostel
Jonathan and Yuki

We are now on the road again to Magnetic Island after these three awesome days!

See you in my next post!



Check out our other videos on the We Travel Co Youtube Page

PS : If you want to see more photos of these three days in Airlie Beach, go on the We Travel Co Facebook page !

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Road trip from Sydney to Byron Bay

Hi guys,

As I told you in my first post, I am a French student currently in Australia where I have joined We Travel Co for three months.

I will be sharing my experiences with you, exactly like you could also live it!

In my last post, I had just arrived in Crescent Head where I tried surfing for the first time.

Since that day, so many things have happened that it isn’t easy to know where to start… After two days in Crescent Head, the Super Van got sick so we had to come back to Gosford, part of the Central Coast region where We Travel Co’s personal mechanic of Super Van took care of him.


Three days later, The Super Van was resurrected to its former glory. We picked up two new travellers coming from Canada and Israel. Let me introduce Camille and Roi to you! Camille is a French Canadian girl from Montreal and Roi is from Tel Aviv in Israel.

Our first stop we visited some amazing beaches at Seal Rocks where we went swimming before taking the road again to Harrington (a little cute fishing town!).


After a cold night, a greedy breakfast, a quick run to the Harrington lighthouse and a swim on the Crowdy Head Beach we left Harrington and made our way to the beautiful Hat Head National Park.


During the journey, we were puzzled by a strange house, so we decided to stop and met the local guy living there. His garden and garage were full of sorts of ornaments, engravings and collecting snake in jars and animals’ bones!


We took a bushwalk along the river out to the head (the “bush” denotes the rural and undeveloped land of Australia) a nice surprise was waiting for us.. By taking a twisting path, we discovered a paradisiacal deserted beach! No need to describe it, just look at the picture (and then check at the ticket planes tariffs to come to Australia!!) This day gave a perfect example to Camille and Roi of what travelling with We Travel Co means…


After that, we arrived to camp for the night in South West Rocks where we went fishing “lulled” by the screams of an aboriginal woman who looked visibly very angry against someone. As we didn’t catch any fish, we could say that it’s because of that angry woman who put the fishes off of all the region..! However, I can say that it was a funny experience who permitted me to learn lots of new Aussie insults!


The day after, we went to admire the view from the Smoky Cape Lighthouse, took beautiful photos (and discovered what kangaroos’ droppings looked like!) and had a swim and played Frisbee in the Trial Bay, before taking the road until Arrawarra Beach (please, pronounce it “Aaaawaaaa Beach”!) where the Mojo Spot X Surf Camp organized a music festival.


After having a delicious BBQ, a quick siesta in the hammock and a bushwalk out on the headland to admire the sunset we joined the Spot X Surf Camp armed with our fresh beers where a “good surprise” waited for us : Sam had forgotten that a river stood between us the camp! As Roi was first reluctant to get off his pants to cross it (he just had had a shower before…fair enough?!), he finally accepted and we discovered a mini music festival with young people coming from all around the world.


I feel sorry to announce to you that for security reasons, I didn’t bring my camera there (I confirm that I was right after all!), HOWEVER, thanks to Camille who took some photos with her phone, I can give you an overview of that crazy night!

photo (1)

After a short night, we were to leave to Byron Bay, we met Alex, an American girl on the beach who was looking for a ride north. Alex travelled during 2 days with us (until Surfers Paradise) and could enjoy a short We Travel Co experience. Do you understand better now what the word “spontaneous” means for We Travel Co? We stopped in Yamba where a market was being held: a nice moment, in a nice place, with nice weather, where each of us could discover a typical Australian market!


Then we went to the Angourie reserve where we went walking, swimming and jumping from high rocks (15meters!). What an exciting experience!!


As we liked being there, we decided to spend the night there before going to Byron bay. So we spent the night in Yamba where we made a fire on the beach, we went fishing (good bait but no result…!) in the morning and then took the road again to Byron.


As me and Roi had never been to Byron Bay before, we went walking in town before meeting the others on the beach and admiring the sunset (yes, one more sunset!). I found Byron Bay very different from the other cities I had been before in Australia : it is more touristic, there are a lot of conceptual bars and pubs and a lot of surfers and vans everywhere that show that all travellers go through Byron Bay at least once during their trip on the East Coast.


We spent the night in a bar where I discovered a new activity: do you know what the “Jelly Wrestling” is? Here is a short explanation: it is played by two females in bikinis, in a shallow pool filled by jelly to a depth about 30cm. The aim is to catch a sock of the opponent. So Alex decided to participate but lost her fight in the first round (against the one who won the final fight, so no regrets, she was a strong opponent!)

After that crazy night, we took the road to Surfers Paradise and stopped quickly in Mullumbimby, a little town near Byron where we took a delicious breakfast in a nice coffee.    


Here are the details of our trip from Sydney to Byron Bay! But the trip has not ended yet, so see you later everyone, I look forward to tell you about the other part of our road trip to the north!




Check out our other videos on the We Travel Co Youtube Page